Current Job Opening

Current Job Opening

Current Job Opening

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Yes, we are a non-profit, although we were founded by Lyman Orton, a lifelong private businessman who has built his family’s business, The Vermont Country Store, into an enduring retail organization.

In preparing for future growth, we are looking for a Vice President of Communications reporting directly to our President.

Community Heart and Soul is a bottom-up practice in partnership with local government and once elected officials grasp the effectiveness of engaging residents, their job becomes easier and more effective. We have always promoted non-partisan and inclusive practices.

Our goal is for towns to include every voice and every citizen. Our slogan for towns to use is we don’t just bring residents to the table, we bring the table to residents. We give away our intellectual property to qualified towns that become partners with us and use our platform to engage with other Heart & Soul communities.

Small cities and towns succeed by looking for things their residents have in common, starting with “we all live here”. We do not tell towns what to do; that would be presumptuous of us. By becoming a Heart & Soul community, the residents and their government discover clarity on those things that matter most as they live their lives day in and out, through the seasons, loving their town and desiring to make it an even better place to live, raise families, and prosper.

Small cities and towns are America’s last hope for unity and civility as opposed to the divisive politics of big cities. Successful small cities and towns are desirable places for all sorts of people to live and get involved in as much as one wants, the common elements occurring between two residents, or twenty, or a hundred or thousand, bringing respect, joint action, and a can-do attitude.

If you have exceptional hands-on management experience, are a strong leader, are captivated by Community Heart and Soul, and know you could help expand it across America, write to our President, Mark Sherman, with your background and what you can bring to our efforts. You must be a convincing public speaker, writer, and effective manager with the desire and ability to evangelize Community Heart & Soul.

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